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The AIBL Scientific Management Committee (SMC) is a key body within our organisation, committed to upholding the utmost standards of ethical and professional conduct in all scientific endeavours. 

Our SMC supervises the design, execution, reporting, and auditing of research initiatives, establishing strict policies and guidelines that safeguard both the participants of the research and the integrity of the scientific process. It ensures research adherence to local, national, and international laws and regulations, fostering a culture of responsibility, rigour, transparency, and accountability. With members from a wide spectrum of expertise, the SMC is adeptly prepared to tackle the complex challenges of modern scientific research, steering the course of AIBL’s scientific exploration responsibly and effectively.

our organisation

How our work is supported

Led by a multidisciplinary research team, the AIBL study is supported by a number of Australia’s leading research institutions. 
Vector image of AIBL's Governance diagram.

Scientific Management Committee

  • Prof Colin Masters AO
  • Dr Jurgen Fripp
  • Dr Christopher Fowler
  • Dr Liang Jin
  • Prof Ashley Bush
  • Prof Chris Rowe
  • Prof Ralph Martins AO
  • Prof Simon Laws
  • A/Prof Stephanie Rainey-Smith
  • A/Prof Belinda Brown
  • Dr Jo Robertson
  • A/Prof Scott Ayton
  • Dr Kevin Taddei
  • Prof Paul Maruff

Partners and supporters

Australian Alzheimer's Research Foundation logo in purple.
Austin Health logo in full colour.
CSIRO logo white text on a light blue circle background.
Dementia Collaborative Research Centres (DCRC) logo with black text and blue logo mark consisting of three connected circles.
Edith Cowan University logo in full colour - navy blue, yellow, red and white text.
The University of Melbourne stacked logo with Greek goddess of victory, Nike, logomark in blue and white. Logo text reads: 'Postera crescam laude' - a promise to 'grow in the esteem of future generations.'
The Florey logo in all black, with text reading 'Advancing Brain Research' underneath the logo text.
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital logo with white text and New South Wales coat of arms logo mark. Logo text reads: 'Government of Western Australia North Metropolitan Health Service Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital'.
Hollywood Private Hospital stacked logo with navy blue text.
Macquarie University, Sydney Australia stacked logo in full colour. Logo text is in black and lighthouse logomark is white on a red and burgundy background.
National Ageing Research Institute (NARO) logo in full colour (blue and green). Logo tagline underneath logo text reads: 'Bringing research to life'.
The University of Western Australia logo with blue text and a yellow and white swan coat of arms logomark. Text reads: 'seek wisdom.'
Fight Alzheimer's Save Australia logo with green and black text, including URL text ''.

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